iProcess.net is a leading global provider of biospecimens, and we’ve made a significant impact on the world of clinical research, particularly in the field of infectious diseases. 

With a vast global network spanning over 1,000 sites and a track record of shipping over 100,000 specimens, we’ve established ourselves as a trusted partner for biospecimens for major pharmaceutical, diagnostic, and research organizations​.

In the sphere of infectious diseases, human samples are critical for improving patient outcomes. These samples can be obtained from various sources like clinical remnant materials, banked samples, or prospectively collected ones. Researchers use these specimens to study infectious diseases, develop diagnostic guidelines, and create or revise treatment plans, all aimed at enhancing healthcare practices. 

As a provider of biological samples, iProcess plays a vital role in supporting these research endeavors and driving innovation in the field of infectious diseases​​.

Different types of biological samples are used in infectious disease research, each with its unique characteristics and applications. 

For instance, blood samples may contain vital information about the type of bacteria involved with an infection or the immune system’s response. Tissue samples, on the other hand, can provide valuable insights into the structure and function of specific organs. Other types of samples include urine, saliva, stool, cerebrospinal fluid, and skin samples. 

Each of these has specific applications and their collection, storage, and handling protocols must be strictly followed to ensure the quality and integrity of the samples​​.

iProcess utilizes a variety of collection methods, including blood collection via venipuncture, capillary blood collection, and apheresis, as well as tissue collection methods like needle biopsy, core biopsy, excisional biopsy, and necropsy. 

We ensure that these samples are properly stored and preserved to maintain their integrity, taking into consideration factors like temperature, container type, and storage duration. For example, some samples, including plasma samples, can be stored at -80°C to maintain long-term stability, and the use of airtight containers can provide increased protection​​.

Apart from providing the samples, iProcess also launched a CLIA-Certified laboratory in 2022 to provide testing for our research partners​​, offering a comprehensive service package that is not only limited to sample provision.

In conclusion, our extensive experience, vast global network, and dedication to quality make us the best biospecimen provider choice for clinical research companies, particularly those involved in infectious disease research. 

iProcess’s commitment to maintaining the quality and integrity of specimens, coupled with our ability to cater to complex collection protocols, places us in a unique position to assist companies in acquiring infectious disease samples, thereby facilitating the advancement of medical research and contributing to improved patient outcomes.

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