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Pharma MNCs bet on India for BPO

MUMBAI: Indian pharmaceutical players in the contract manufacturing business can take heart. Many multinational companiesare now willing to bet on India over China as a destination for custom manufacturing opportunities......

iProcess Insight Patient Recruitment System
The Smart Way to Qualified Leads

Are you struggling to fill your clinical trial in less time and save money? iProcess InSight Patient Recruitment System is a comprehensive Patient Recruitment System which scores every household by Zip+4 in the US for the propensity of that group of households suffering from your target disease. Our Insight System supports faster, more accurate clinical trial patient recruiting – helping you locate, identify and recruit the right patient, at the right site with the right investigator for your specific trial criteria.

Utilizing state of the art systems targeting databases by identifying candidates based on inclusion/exclusion criteria in your protocol  and weight by geography, proximity to physicians, and proximity to treatment site. You can target your outreach to specific physicians with qualified candidates.

By matching your best Zip+4 prospects to large consumer opt-in email databases, we can dynamically acquire the consumers permission to email them with relevant information. Our opt-in email database partners can quickly and easily email consumers with specific ailments for patient recruitment. In addition to email address, we can also append postal and phone records as well as IP addresses for online targeting. We currently have over 50 medical conditions, 15 vaccines and 200+ Rx brands and hundreds of OTC products encompassing thousands of data points for every household in the US.

Reach your patients through a variety of media channels including TV, Radio, Newsprint, Mobile as well as social networking sites such as Facebook, Myspace

iProcess Insight Patient Recruitment System
The Insight System Helps yield the greatest opportunity to accelerate your clinical trial and the drug development process. iProcess uses real time mathematically modeled anonymous health insurance claims (HIPAA compliant), self-reported surveys and US Census data to create comprehensive consumer profiles. These profiles include a consumer’s co-morbidities, health attitudes, medication compliance ratings, and interests which can help you find millions of prospects who fit your recruitment inclusion/exclusion criteria. We also  profile and score consumers who have specifically expressed interest in being the first to try new medications relevant to their health conditions.

The iProcess Insight Patient Recruitment System Helps You Maximize Your Clinical Trial with:

  • Finding the Right Patients Based on Mathematical Modelling for Your Protocol
  • Targetting the Right Media to Drive the Right Patients to Your Site
  • Recruiting the most effective Physicians for your trial
  • Prescreening Patients thru Online, Phone or Onsite
  • Generating Qualified Leads for your sites

Where You Only Pay for Qualified Leads

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