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Pharma MNCs bet on India for BPO

MUMBAI: Indian pharmaceutical players in the contract manufacturing business can take heart. Many multinational companiesare now willing to bet on India over China as a destination for custom manufacturing opportunities......

Outsourcing healthcare services like medical billing, coding, and transcription has been common for some time now. As off shoring continues to grow and evolve there are an increasing number of services that are being outsourced. By many accounts, teleradiology now ranks as telemedicine's largest field. It's interesting, to imagine how the earliest radiology subspecialists in the 1930s would have reacted to a prediction that one day, a radiologist in daytime India could interpret a real-time image of a nighttime accident victim in Chicago. Not surprisingly, it was virtually impossible for the physicians to visualize a complex web of virtual readings.

Fast-forward 70 years and realize that we live in that world, that environment, that virtual realm of possibility. There is no turning back on our digital revolution

Teleradiology Services in India

Teleradiology is defined as the ability to view radiologic studies (X-ray, Ultrasound, Computed Tomography and Magnetic Resonance Imaging) at a site, which is far away from the place where the study is done. This is a very useful method, as it allows evaluation of the images to be performed by qualified people who may not necessarily be available at the site of the study itself. Potentially, rural centers can avail of expert opinions at tertiary care centers in big cities.
Currently, teleradiology is being used to transfer all emergency CT scans done at night and on holidays, from the CT scan centers to the consultants in India. This allows accurate reporting of all scans, immediately by the consultants themselves, rather than by junior doctors, so that treatment measures can be initiated without any delay.

Services like teleradiology (the outsourcing of radiology reading) are on the rise, as an acute shortage of radiologists has resulted in a longer period of waiting for diagnosis and treatment of patients. This is one area where outsourcing does not just make financial sense, but is also essential to handle the extra work and provide quality healthcare to an ever-increasing number of patients.

iProcess provides teleradiology-based services such as diagnostic interpretation of all emergently and non-emergently performed non-invasive imaging studies, including computed tomography, MRI, ultrasound, X ray. iProcess is in constant verbal communication with its client hospitals and is highly accessible to all its referring physicians/hospitals at all times. The company provides teleradiology-based services over the Internet like Nighthawk coverage, where it provides on call preliminary or final interpretation by board certified doctors.

Manufacturing Outsourcing to India

It may come as a surprise to many, but India has 74 U.S Food and Drug Administration approved pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities, more than any other country outside the US. India already sells $1.15 Billion worth of drugs in the US and Europe, all of them generics. As it begins producing patented medicines, it will benefit from low costs. The price of developing a drug from scratch in India is as low as $200 million Vs $1 billion in the West.

Companies looking at outsourcing all or part of their manufacturing now have the ability to work through India’s largest Clinical Marketplace, iProcess Clinical Marketplace.

We at iProcess work with our clients to help identify the best strategic alliance for outsourcing of everything from active pharmaceutical ingredients to packaging to medical device components.
Following are some of the benefits of using iProcess as your strategic partner in outsourcing your manufacturing to India.

  1. Expertise in Regulatory Issues
  2. Access to a Strong network of 300+ Vendors across India
  3. Detailed Scorecards and Vendor Profiles
  4. Intellectual Property Analysis Reports
  5. GMP Monitoring/Audits
  6. Facility Inspection Reports
  7. Project Management

Apart from the several benefits listed above, most of our standard services are provided to our Clients at no cost. iProcess has created the largest Neutral Vendor Marketplace.

The tissue procurement process is much like any surgical operation. All tissue are procured and processed in an aseptic environment.


To provide researchers with tissue from surgical resection specimens. This tissue is excess, in that it is not sampled for morphologic evaluation and would have been discarded 3-4 months after surgery if not procured for research.


Tissue arrives fresh from the operation room in the pathology lab. The Pathology lab officers, who decide the specifics of the procurement, review the specimen. Together with the technician, tissue is procured

Why this system: This is the only mechanism of procurement that insures that procurement does not compromise the diagnostic utility of the specimen.

Tissue Procurement, Processing, and Storage:

For investigators initiating new research that involve biospecimen collection (e.g. solid tissues, blood, bone marrow), iProcess can provide model consent forms and personnel to collect specimens through the chain of hospitals, pathology labs and other clinical sites. Solid tissues are usually snap frozen in the surgical pathology suite, (investigators may request alternate preservation methods.) Blood specimens are generally processed to frozen serum aliquots and peripheral leukocyte cell pellets. Other specimens (e.g. lymph node needle aspirations) that may be obtained in a variety of other patient care areas can be collected and processed immediately.  Frozen specimens are stored in liquid nitrogen vapor.

iProcess provides tissues in the following areas

     -Surgical pathology





     -Opthalmologic pathology

     - Oral pathology

iProcess also helps in procuring required licenses and other NOC’s from the government of India
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